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June 9, 2006
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stabby stab stab by klar stabby stab stab by klar
*sashamya bein all fuzzy and knifey! I really like her teeth, yes she only has three toes! *GASP* I was as surprised to discover this as you are. And she is a ferret. Not a dolphin, owl, raccoon, or vulcan. Ferret.

Pencil linework was Coloured in OpenCanvas 1.1.

Comments disabled because this is not for you, and I'm self-critical enough that I already know of the odd little flaws in my pics. I'm sorry about the re-post but crazies came and pissed all over it yesterday... and continue to do so. I really dislike my friends seeing mean things all over gifts for them, so if you don't like it, go find or draw somethin that you do, cause I sure as hell don't go around telling people that I don't like their pictures. And props to people who don't say negative things even if they feel the urge to; you've got class and I like that and you're the reason I still share things. Because nice people should still get to look at stuff. I know that I like looking at stuff.
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